The Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship

Participatio Supplemental Volume 3

Participatio: Supplemental VoL 3

VOLUME 4: "Participatio Volume 4 "

Please enjoy Participatio: Volume 4 .

Participatio: Supplemental VoL 2

VOLUME 3: "Participatio Volume 3"

Participatio: Volume 3 .

VOLUME 1: "Participatio Supplemental Vol. 1"

Participatio: Supplemental VoL 1

VOLUME 2: “Thomas F. Torrance’s Influences and Appropriations” (Editor’s note: Torrance’s influences and appropriations will constitute a continued emphasis of future volumes, including a focus on other Church Fathers and Karl Barth.)

Participatio: Volume 2 .

VOLUME 1: "The Theological Significance and Legacy of Thomas F. Torrance" (personal narrative accounts and theological reflections by living relatives, colleagues, students, and friends of Tom’s impact upon them in their personal encounters with him and their estimation of his legacy for the future of an evangelical and scientific theology).

Participatio: Volume 1.

Thomas F Torrance


A distinctively Christian research organization devoted to the exploration, development, and dissemination of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance and other theologians contributing to this endeavor. Continued...

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