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  • Life and Achievement
    This biographical essay introduces Thomas Forsyth Torrance. It is the first chapter of Elmer Colyer, How to Read T. F. Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian & Scientific Theology (Downer’s Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2001); 2001-EC-1. All rights reserved; used by permission of InterVarsity Press.
  • Reader’s Guide
    This bibliographical essay by Elmer Colyer is a reader's guide to the publications of Thomas F. Torrance. The essay covers both primary and secondary literature in relation to all of the main themes of Torrance's theology and also his life. Since Torrance's publications include more than 1,000 items, this essay is introductory and adressed primarily to those just beginning to read the works of Thomas F. Torrance.  It is reproduced with the kind permission of Participatio: The Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship. It originally appeared in Supplement 1 (2011): 38-63; #2011-EC-1 (pdf). This online version is cross-referenced by means of McGrath numbers with the Sources bibliography. Its major sections, or "Colyer Categories," also support cross-references between the Sources bibliography and Member Profiles.  


2. Bibliographies
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  • About the Bibliographies
    The T. F. Torrance Theological Fellowship sponsors two bibliographies, one of Torrance Sources and the other of Torrance Studies. They are research tools to promote scholarship related to the Torrance tradition. 
  • Studies
    This Studies bibliography includes academic secondary sources relevant to the Fellowship's Mission. It includes book reviews and items of any format, including audio and video. Notices of forthcoming works and newly published works are welcomed. This bibliography represents the collective effort of members and officers of the Fellowship. 
    • Recent publications 
    • Member publications 
    • Submit Publication form 
      • Submit a Publication Form to alert other members to your relevant publications. Items will be listed in the Studies bibliography, the Members Publications list, and the Relevant Publications section of your Member Profile. Please alert us to relevant new academic publications in any format using the same Publication Form.  Note: The editors do not assign Colyer Categories to secondary studies.  Colyer Categories for secondary studies are always self-assigned by means of this form. 
    • Book Reviews (and other genre types)
      • Reviews are listed in the regular bibliographies, and also appended to bibliography records of the books under review.  Please alert us by email to any published review or substantial online discussion of any item in the Sources or Studies bibliography.
  • Sources
    This Sources bibliography includes all known publications of Thomas F. Torrance, James B. Torrance, and David W. Torrance (more than 1,500 references at present, with the ongoing goal of direct independent verification of each reference).
  • Combined Studies and Sources bibliography
  • Available online
    Formats include pdfs, audio and video, and others. Display options include items available: online (free or for purchase); for direct free downloading from this website; or by TFT, JBT, DWT, or combined.

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Participatio: Fellowship journal, open access.

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  • The Fellowship maintains a Member Directory accessible only to members.  Member profiles include brief professional introductions, institutional and denominational affiliations, regional locations, and research interests, cross-referenced with Member Publications.

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  • (Coming 2019.) Profiles of select persons based on publicly available sources. Profiles will note personal relations and roles, including mentors, students, family, institutional and denominational affiliations, etc., cross-referenced with the bibliographies and other pages.


4. External Torrance-related resources

Although not sponsored by the TFT Fellowship, these are also some helpful resources: