Works by James B. Torrance


  • Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace, James B. TorranceDowners Grove, Illinois, InterVarsity Press, 1996
  • The BB Warfield Lectures delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary, on The Triune God of Love or Contract-God?: The Unconditional Freeness of Grace, James B. Torrance Downers Grove, Illinois, InterVarsity Press, (in preparation)

Books Co-authored

  • “The nature of the problem", in Where Science and Faith Meet with Donald M. MacKay, Malcolm Jeeves, Robert L.F. Boyd and Oliver R. Barclay, London, InterVarsity Press, 1963, c1953, 7-13
  • John Duns Scotus in a Nutshell, James B. Torrance with Roland Walls, Edinburgh, Handsel Press, 1992, booklet.

Books Chapters

  • “The Priesthood of Jesus”, Essays In Christology for Karl Barth, ed. T.H.L. Parker, London, Lutterworth Press, 1956, 153-173
  • “The Vicarious Humanity and the Priesthood of Christ in the Theology of John Calvin”, in Calvinus Ecclesiae Doctor, ed. W.Neuser. Kampen: J.H.Kok, 1978, 69-84
  • “The Place of Jesus Christ in Worship”, Theological Foundations for Ministry: Selected Readings for a Theology of Church in Ministry, ed. R.S. Anderson, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eerdmans, 1979, 348-369
  • “The Vicarious Humanity of Christ”, The Incarnation ed. T.F. Torrance, Edinburgh, Handel Press, 1981, 127-147
  • “Calvinism and Puritanism in England and Scotland – Some Basic Concepts in the Development of Federal Theology”, in Calvinus Reformator: His Contribution to Theology, Church and Society, Potchefstrom University for Christian Higher Education, 1982, 264-286.
  • “Strengths and Weaknesses of Westminster Theology”, The Westminster Confession in the Church Today, ed. A.I.C. Heron, Edinburgh, St.Andrews Press, 1982, 40-53
  • “The Ministry of Reconciliation Today: The Realism of Grace”, Incarnational Ministry: The Presence of Christ in Church, Society, and Family, eds. C.D. Kettle, & T.H. Speidell, Colorado Springs, Helmers & Howard, 1990,130-139
  • “The Doctrine of the Trinity in our Contemporary Situation” in The Forgotten Trinity: Volume 3, A Selection of Papers presented to the BCC Study Commission on Trinitarian Doctrine Today, ed. Alasdair I.C. Heron, London, UK,BBC/CCBI, 1991, 3-17
  • “Contemplating the Trinitarian Mystery of Christ” in Alive to God: Studies in Spirituality presented to James Houston, ed. J.I. Packer and Loren Wilkinson, Downers Grove, Illinois, InterVarsity Press/ Regent College, 1992,140-151
  • “The Concept of Federal Theology – Was Calvin a Federal Theologian?” in Calvinus Sacrae Scripturae Professor (Calvin as Confessor of Holy Scripture), ed. W.H. Neuser, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eerdmans, 1994, 15-40
  • “Introduction” to The Nature of the Atonement, John McLeod Campbell, Edinburgh, Handsel Press, 1996 1-16
  • “Christ in Our Place: The Joy of Worship” and “Prayer and the Priesthood of Christ” in A Passion for Christ: The Vision that Ignites Ministry, eds. Gerrit Dawson and Jock Stein, Edinburgh, The Handsel Press, 1999
  • “The Covenant Concept in Scottish Theology and Politics” in The Covenant Connection, eds. Daniel J. Elazar and John Kincaid, Lanham, MD, Lexington Books, 2000, 143-162

Books Translated

  • Early Christian Worship, Oscar A. Cullman, translated by Todd Stewart and James B. Torrance, London, SCM Press, 1962

Journal Articles

  • “Interpretation and Understanding in Schleiermacher’s Theology: Some Critical Questions“, Scottish Journal of Theology, 21(1968), 268-282
  • “Covenant or Contract?: A Study of the Theological Background of Worship in Seventeenth-Century Scotland”, Scottish Journal of Theology, 23, (1970), 51-76
  • “The Contribution of McLeod Campbell to Scottish Theology”, Scottish Journal of Theology, 26, (1973), 295-311
  • “The Unconditional Freeness of Grace”, Theological Renewal, No 9, (1978), 7-14
  • “The Covenant Concept in Scottish Theology & Politics and its Legacy”, Scottish Journal of Theology, 34,(1981), 225-243
  • “The Incarnation and Limited Atonement”, Evangelical Quarterly, 55, (1983), 83-94
  • “Interpreting the Word by the Light of Christ or the Light of Nature? Calvin, Calvinism, and Barth”, in Calviniana: Ideas and Influence of Jean Calvin, ed. R.V. Schnucker, Missouri, (16th-Century Essays and Studies), vol.10 (1988), 255-267
  • “Worship and the Gospel of Grace”, 10-13
    (publication details cannot be sourced at this time).


  • “I Know Not How to Pray” in A Passion For Christ; The Vision that Ignites Ministry-Thomas F. Torrance, James B. Torrance and David W. Torrance, eds. Gerrit Dawson and Jock Stein, Edinburgh, The Handsel Press, 1999, 53-54

Books series General Editor

Foreword with the Rev. Dr. Michael Jinkins for The Devotional Library Series, Edinburgh, Saint Andrews Press, for the following titles:

  • Thomas Irskine, Trevor A. Hart 1993
  • John McLeod Campbell, Michael Jinkins, 1993
  • John Knox, Henry Sefton, 1993
  • Edward Irving: The Trinitarian Face of God, Graham McFarlane, 1996
  • John and Donald Baillie, David Fergusson, 1996
  • George McDonald, Gary and Cathy Deddo, 1996

Recorded Lecture Series
(Audio Cassette Tapes or CD’s)

Delivered at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. These are available for purchase online.

  • Barth’s Political Philosophy (1 Tape)
  • Experiencing the Trinity, with James Houston (15 Tapes)
  • Forgotten Trinity (1Tape)
  • Gender, Sex and The Trinity (1 Tape)
  • Grace for Mission of the Church (1 Tape)
  • Grace, Law and Atonement (10 Tapes)
  • Prayer and the Trinitarian Faith in the Life of the Church, with James Houston (15 Tapes)
  • Spirit in the Church (5 Tapes)
  • The Trinity, the Human Person and Community with James Houston (10 Tapes)
  • Worship and the Gospel (14 Tapes)
  • Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace (10 Tapes)

Unpublished Lectures/ Lecture Notes & Diagrams

These were made available to Doctor of Ministry students participating in Professor Torrance’s seminars at Fuller Theological Seminary *, Pasadena, CA, USA

  • Appendix: Grace and Law in Paul and Rabbinic Judaism/Law and Gospel in Calvinist Tradition
  • Commission on the Trinity – Why this Commission?
  • Infant Baptism: Some Theological Reflections
  • On the Admission of Children to the Lord’s Table
  • Reconciliation, Sectarianism and Civil Religion in South Africa and Northern Ireland
  • Towards a Theology of Response
  • Two Views of Worship- In Scotland Today
  • Union with God through Union with Christ: Notes on Christian Spirituality
  • Worship, Baptism, Eucharist
  • Worship in the Reformed Church: The Purpose and Principles of Public Worship
  • * A selection of these readings may be available for purchase through the Doctor of Ministry Office @ Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, 91182., USA

(Essays Honoring Professor James B. Torrance)

  • Christ in Our Place: The Humanity of God in Christ for the Reconciliation of the World-Essays presented to Professor James Torrance, (Princeton Theological Monograph Series; 25) eds. Trevor A. Hart & Daniel P. Thimell, Exeter, UK, Paternoster Press/Pickwick Publications, 1989

Compiled by James Chaousis, Adelaide, South Australia 2004
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